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Faced with problems linked to the immature antioxidant defenses of premature newborn infants, clinicians might be tempted to increase the infusion of multivitamin solutions because they contain antioxidant vitamins that have documented antiradical properties (18,19).
It is a highly automated system that can analyze the antioxidant capacities of blood plasma, foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as antiradical properties of individual substances and activity of superoxide dismutase.
Likewise, more conservative regions of the economy--notably the South, Southwest, and Southern California--benefitted heavily from the military-industrial complex, producing a staunch base of support for military adventurism and antiradical politicians.
Throughout the book Thom forces his readers to adopt an uncomfortable double viewpoint, a viewpoint that is simultaneously, as he himself says, radical and antiradical. Although readers are asked to be (and should be) impressed by the conceptual complexity and particularities of nontraditional and radical performances, they are also constantly to notice the lack in these performances either of aesthetic value or of any genuinely challenging (i.e., radical) content.
Italian syndicalists responded to mass migration by sustaining their comrades in the United States and publishing detailed accounts of antiradical and nativist repression such as the arrest and incarceration of prominent Italian American wobblies Joseph Ettor, Arturo Giovannitti, and Carlo Tresca, or the Red Scare that followed the end of the war.
He was named head of the Bureau's Antiradical Division.
endorsed NATO's militarism and antiSovietism and, especially after 1978, when the Red Brigades kidnapped former Christian Democratic premier Aldo Moro, the party backed the most repressive antiradical measures.
(2015) verified that red pulp guava ('Thai Maroon'), followed by pink pulp guava ('Barbie Rosa', 'Homestead', 'Sardina 1' and 'Sardina 2'), showed antiradical DPPH* activity greater than that of white pulp guavas ('Yen 2' and 'Sayla') (FLORES et al., 2015), which suggests that the total carotenoid content influences the antioxidant capacity of a fruit.
DPPH Scavenging Assay of hexane extracted almond oil with ultrasonic assistance: Antioxidant or antiradical activity of ultrasonic hexane extracted almond oil was determined by means of DPPH assay as described by Brand William (Brand William et al., 1995).
First, we determined the parameters: temperature and solvent (ethanol and water) that allow the extraction of the highest phenolic yield and then we analyzed the effect of these parameters on the quality of the extracts by determining the antiradical activity.