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Mo Brooks Agonistes, during an August 21, 2019 interview, became the only House Representative to openly decry the doctrinal Islamic Antisemitism animating the grotesque antisemitic exploits of Muslim Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar.
[twitter-tweet]NEW: Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell emails staff about Tom Watson-Benjamin Netanyahu piece which wasn't run today, complaining about the Guardian's "mysterious editorial line that has been drawn around the subject of antisemitism and the infernal subject of 'antisemitic tropes'": (
Nazarian points out in her letter that violent antisemitic incidents rose 13 percent worldwide during 2018, including a 74 percent surge in France, according to the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry.
JEREMY Corbyn faced a fresh blow to his authority yesterday when a former general secretary of the Labour party branded him and his advisers "antisemitic".
With a state of their own, Jews would transform into muscular specimens who demanded world respect, and the future Jewish state--a liberal, secular Utopia of freedom and prosperity--would finally uproot the source of antisemitic persecution.
Weaver ValeLabourMP Mike Amesbury has apologised unreservedly after it was pointed out he shared an antisemitic caricature on Twitter before becoming a member of parliament.
In a statement, Tochukwu Ajare, president of Coventry University Student Union (CUSU), said: "We were made aware of images on social media of two of our students wearing T-shirts with antiSemitic and other offensive imagery and writing on them.
A report released this week exposes antisemitic rhetoric used on social media by the far-right activists behind the Lukov March in Bulgaria, a torch-lit ceremony that consists of nationalists and neo-Nazis from across Europe.
SHOCK FIGURES SHOW THERE ARE 466 ANTISEMITIC GOOGLE SEARCHES MADE EVERY DAY found that hundreds of antisemitic Google searches are made every day in the UK.
new report has found that hundreds of antisemitic Google searches are made every day in the UK.
that CST party leader Jeremy One in every 10 antisemitic Google searches relates to violent thoughts against Jewish people