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a. Capable of preventing infection by inhibiting the growth of infectious agents.
b. Devoid of infectious agents; aseptic.
c. Of or associated with the use of antiseptics.
a. Devoid of enlivening or enriching qualities: "This is ... not at all lighthearted or amiable music. In fact, the tone is unremittingly sober and antiseptic" (Donal Henahan).
b. Free of disturbing or unpleasant features; sanitized: an antiseptic version of history.
A substance that prevents infection by inhibiting the growth of infectious agents.

an′ti·sep′ti·cal·ly adv.
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It antiseptically describes a better state, desirable in itself, devoid of humanity.
It is clear to creative writers, at least, that literature cannot and should not be limited to only the antiseptically and artificially safe arenas of human life.
Widescreen shots of telescoping stairwells and antiseptically clean museum spaces provide nonverbal commentary on Chloe's constantly shifting frames of mind.
A large number of people in this City are suffering hardship because of what has been antiseptically called service delivery insolvency.
We have seen the extent of the shootings, the killings, the bombings, the civilian casualties (antiseptically called collateral damage) during conflicts between the government and rebel forces.
Hamilton succinctly captures the broader evolution of biography, which, during the period under consideration, includes a move from what he calls the "Victorian laundering process" (119), a kind of fawning pseudo-biography that was more about rendering one's subject antiseptically exceptional instead of truly capturing the subject's flaws and unvarnished humanity.
Surgical site was antiseptically and local analgesia was achieved by 2% Lignocaine hydrochloride, 1ml/cm area (Fig.
Pulp tissues were antiseptically collected and added to phosphate-buffered solution (PBS) (Gibco, Grand Island, NY, USA) containing 1% penicillin/streptomycin (Gibco).
He did not want any illusions about fighting antiseptically with detachment:
Abuses of power and objective human rights constraints in all of the LMB countries are on the whole treated rather antiseptically. The authors frankly acknowledge that civil society has not been effective in using the law to influence the behaviour of developers or government decision making in any Lower Mekong country, with some limited exceptions concerning Thailand when it is not in the thrall of a military coup.
Most of them are referring very antiseptically to the bill as a "method of abortion affecting 8% of abortions." One story said SB 95 refers to "so-called dismemberment."
I've got your back." Even the department's language changed, no longer referring antiseptically to a complainant and an accused but rather to victims or survivors, and perpetrators.