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1. The second stanza, and those like it, in a poem consisting of alternating stanzas in contrasting metrical form.
2. The second division of the triad of a Pindaric ode, having the same stanza form as the strophe.
a. The choral movement in classical Greek drama in the opposite direction from that of the strophe.
b. The part of a choral ode sung while this movement is executed.

[Late Latin antistrophē, antistrophe of Greek tragedy, from Greek, strophic correspondence, from antistrephein, to turn back : anti-, back; see anti- + strephein, to turn; see strophe.]

an′ti·stroph′ic (ăn′tĭ-strŏf′ĭk) adj.
an′ti·stroph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.antistrophic - of or relating to an antistropheantistrophic - of or relating to an antistrophe  
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A back-to-back antistrophic coil layout helps to offset magnetic interference and keep the sensitivity high and also assists in maintaining the consistency of the sound wave propogration from the different diaphragms so that one can enjoy superioraudio performance.
As the "Prologue" closes, the Decadents arrive: "After this they all joined in the strophic and antistrophic recitation of an 'Ode to the Spirit of Decadence,' which meant, as was explained in the Ode, the Spirit begotten of the fact of living in an age of exhaustion and disillusion, and failure, and emptiness, and weariness, and getting rather to like it" (12).
The tremendous information he has amassed has enabled him to build great dams and irrigation projects to prevent antistrophic floods and droughts and open up marginal lands to cultivation.