(ăn′tē-tĕr′ər-ĭst, ăn′tī-)
Intended to prevent or counteract terrorism; counterterror: antiterrorist measures.

an′ti·ter′ror·ism n.


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) relating to measures, policies, or organizations designed to combat terrorist activity


(ˌæn tiˈtɛr ər ɪst, ˌæn taɪ-)

used or designed to combat terrorism: antiterrorist tactics.
an`ti•ter′ror•ism, n.
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The heads of the regions reported on the willingness of the polling stations to hold a vote on the provision of antiterrorist, fire and energy security.
The Director of the Executive Committee of the Regional Antiterrorist Structure (RATS) of the SCO, Yevgeny Sysoyev, noted China's high contribution to the development of border cooperation and regional security," the RATS said.
The exercise, featuring members of the police's Emergency Response Unit and the Special Antiterrorist Squad, simulated a hostage situation by two terrorists.
In a statement to TAP on Saturday, Sofiene Sliti, spokesman of the antiterrorist judicial pole, said that the judgments pronounced are as follows:
The President wanted a 'broad and diverse composition' of the group that would work on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) that was shelved in the 16th Congress in the aftermath of the bloody Mamasapano antiterrorist operation nearly two years ago.
Diesel, part of an antiterrorist unit, died when the French Special Forces raided an apartment building in Saint-Denis.
He said that the case of burning of Hafiz Mohammad Naeeem would be sent to an antiterrorist court and the Punjab government will itself pursue the case.
The chief minister directed that those who burned to death two persons be immediately arrested and the case be sent to AntiTerrorist Court.
A girl of 16 arrested in the antiterrorist police operation at another address in the same village of Mossley, Greater Manchester on Monday has been released without charge.
LAHORE -- Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench and AntiTerrorist Court Gujranwala have awarded two times death sentence, 14 times life imprisonment and fine of Rs.
If possible, the antiterrorist French team should join in the "Monstrum" case, Milososki proposed.
Regional police earlier said the explosion could have been due to the faulty fuel feeding system in the bus, which ran on natural gas, but the National Antiterrorist Committee confirmed it was the result of a bomb.