antitrust legislation

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Noun1.antitrust legislation - law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopoliesantitrust legislation - law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopolies
law - legal document setting forth rules governing a particular kind of activity; "there is a law against kidnapping"
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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"The Demand for Antitrust Legislation: The Sherman Act Re-examined.' University of California-Davis Working Paper, 1989.
Populist good intentions can get beached in idiotic antitrust legislation of the sort that gave us the liberal-inspired, conservative-consummated breakup of A.T.&T., or the Ted Kennedy/Alfred Kahn-inspired deregulation of the late 1970s, now speeding us toward a highly concentrated, high-price airline industry even as Kahn bleats for the government supervision he and his neoliberal sponsors of the Carter era did so much to destroy.
8 July 2014 - US propylene producer PetroLogistics LP (NYSE:PDH) today said its deal to be acquired by US conglomerate Koch Industries Inc's refining, chemicals and bio-fuels unit Flint Hills Resources LLC has received Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) clearance via expiration of the waiting period under the antitrust legislation.
Initially, Brazil moved from a situation in which no competition law existed to a position in which the antitrust legislation, although formally in existence, was disregarded by the government in favor of other public policy instruments.
Melandri underlines that her priorities regarding the film industry also include antitrust legislation to regulate the monopoly situation in production, distribution and exhibition.
Big business also had much to say about the most effective British antitrust legislation, the Restrictive Trade Practices Act of 1956, and the restructuring of the system accompanying passage of the Resale Prices Act of 1964.
As economist Paul Samuelson - hardly an enemy of antitrust legislation - has written, Robinson-Patman "make[s] competition more imperfect....Instead of concentrating on bringing [prices] down for the consumer, it concentrates on keeping many firms in business, even though some may be inefficient."
While competing motivations for antitrust legislation were admittedly advanced, with only trivial exceptions "It is impossible to find even colorable language suggesting most of the other broad social or political purposes that have occasionally been suggested as relevant to the application of the Sherman Act" (Bork [1966, 42]).
12 May 2014 - Irish speciality drug maker Mallinckrodt Plc's (NYSE:MNK) planned cash-and-stock acquisition of US biopharmaceutical firm Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:QCOR) has received Hart-Scott-Rodino clearance through early termination of the waiting period under the antitrust legislation, the pair said today.
The numerous countries that already have antitrust legislation in place would typically possess the necessary legal instruments to challenge and combat such practices.