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 (ăn′tĭ-to͞o′mər, -tyo͞o′-) also an·ti·tu·mor·al (-mər-əl)
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Adj.1.antitumor - used in the treatment of cancerantitumor - used in the treatment of cancer; "anticancer drug"; "an antineoplastic effect"
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th], 2014, Aptose presented the poster entitled: APTO-253 Induces KLF4 to Promote Potent in Vitro Pro-Apoptotic Activity in Hematologic Cancer Cell Lines and Antitumor Efficacy as a Single Agent and in Combination with Azacitidine in Animal Models of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
All malignant tumors harbor genetic alterations, some of which may lead to the production of mutant proteins that are capable of triggering an antitumor immune response.
Furthermore, triterpenoids from Ganoderma have potent antitumor activities as well as anti-inflammatory effects.
Since immune response of the host is important in the control of tumor growth and spreading, PDT is able to increase the antitumor immunity.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the antitumor potential of Macrothelypteris torresiana by studying in vitro antitumor activity of the protoapigenone, as well as in vivo antitumor activity and acute/subacute oral toxicity of the total flavonoid fraction from the roots of M.
Data demonstrate antitumor activity at well-tolerated doses of the inhibitor of fucosylation in several in vivo tumor models, including a syngeneic tumor vaccine model.
Tokyo, Japan, July 4, 2006 - (JCN) - Nippon Kayaku has filed an application for its proprietary antitumor agent, Randa Inj.
Consequently, it has become possible to create immune recognition of cancer antigens through immunization and through adoptive transfer of antitumor lymphocytes into a lymphodepleted host.
After earlier research had indicated that a related protein, ING1, has antitumor properties, scientists became interested in other members of the ING family.
However, other plausible explanations that are likely to be concomitantly involved include: 1) inhibition of the broad spectrum HIV trans-activating protein Tat, 2) decreased expression of growth factors and cytokines contributing to cancer development and maintenance, 3) direct antitumor effects of protease inhibitors, and 4) direct effects of HAART on HHV-8 or EBV.
The streptomycetes, common soil bacteria, are used to produce antitumor agents, immunosuppressants, and more than two-thirds of all naturally derived antibiotics.
A case of refractory celiac disease responded dramatically to a single infusion of the chimeric antitumor necrosis factor-[alpha] antibody infliximab, according to Dr.