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Noun1.antiviral drug - any drug that destroys virusesantiviral drug - any drug that destroys viruses  
DDC, dideoxycytosine, zalcitabine - an antiviral drug used to combat HIV infection
DDI, didanosine, dideoxyinosine - an antiviral drug used to combat HIV infection
interferon - an antiviral protein produced by cells that have been invaded by a virus; inhibits replication of the virus
medicament, medication, medicinal drug, medicine - (medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease
protease inhibitor, PI - an antiviral drug used against HIV; interrupts HIV replication by binding and blocking HIV protease; often used in combination with other drugs
reverse transcriptase inhibitor - an antiviral drug that inhibits the action of reverse transcriptase in retroviruses such as HIV
ribavirin, Virazole - an inhaled antiviral agent (trade name Virazole) that may be used to treat serious virus infections
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These include major pharmaceutical companies (12), Biopharmaceutical companies with antiviral products (86), Antiviral drug companies (26) as well as viral vaccine companies (71).
Additionally, the safety and efficacy of Shionogi's Xofluza, an antiviral drug taken as a single oral dose, was demonstrated in two randomised controlled clinical trials of 1,832 patients where participants were assigned to receive either Xofluza, a placebo, or another antiviral flu treatment within 48 hours of experiencing flu symptoms.
Because of the availability of antiviral drug therapies, HBV replication can now be completely suppressed in most patients (3,4).
The matrix (M) protein of RSV is essential for the formation of infectious virus and is thus a good target for antiviral drug development.
Search is still on for an ideal antiviral drug which should offer eight to twelve weeks treatment, has no adverse effects, least drug interaction, can be use once or twice daily.
Taking the antiarrythmic drug amiodarone with the hepatitis C antiviral drugs ledipasvir and sofosbuvir, or with sofosbuvir plus another direct-acting antiviral drug, has been associated with cases of symptomatic bradycardia--including a fatal cardiac arrest--according to the Food and Drug Administration.
In addition, low levels of PD1 in the lungs of influenza-virus- infected mice were associated with severe infection and highly pathogenic viruses, such as H5N1.Treatment with PD1 in combination with an approved antiviral drug improved the survival of influenza-virus-infected mice and prevented death, even when given two days after infection.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A newly published study showed that a new compound may be more potent and safer for treating bird flu than common antiviral drug, known as Tomiflu.
Emeryville, CA, announced it has expanded its Phase 2 clinical study of a proprietary investigation triple-combination antiviral drug therapy for influenza to include centers in the US, Canada and Europe.
Neopharma, an Abu Dhabi-based pharmaceuticals manufacturer, has got clearance from the UAE Ministry of Health to produce Oseltamivir BR Flu, an antiviral drug which can be used to prevent the H1N1 virus.
Antiviral research; strategies in antiviral drug discovery.
The guidelines, published in the June 3 Federal Register, outline key messages on the use of facemasks and respirators by individuals and families for pandemic flu preparedness, the use of antiviral drugs during a pandemic and antiviral drug stockpiling by employers.