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adj. Biology
Directed forward and upward, as the hairs on certain plant stems.

[New Latin antrōrsum, from Latin anterior, before (perhaps after intrōrsum, inwards, from interior, inside); see anterior.]

an′trorse′ly adv.


(Biology) biology directed or pointing upwards or forwards
[C19: from New Latin antrorsus, from antero- front + -orsus, as in Latin introrsus; see introrse]
anˈtrorsely adv



Biol. bent in a forward or upward direction.
[1855–60; < New Latin antrorsus=antr-, as presumed base of Latin anterior anterior + -orsus, < Latin intrōrsus introrse]
an•trorse′ly, adv.
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Adj.1.antrorse - bent or curved forward or upward; "a plant having antrorse hairs on the stem"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
retrorse - bent or curved backward or downward; "leaves with retrorse barbs"
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1 mm wide, pappus of 2(3) divergent awns 1-2 mm long, antrorsely setulose, some (mostly the outer) with corky small protuberances along the posterior side.
Second glume slightly shorter than the first, 3-nerved, strongly keeled, the keel antrorsely scabrous the margins finely ciliolate towards the apex.
2 x 4 cm, pale colored, glabrescent toward the base, densely and coarsely white-lepidote at apex, densely spinulose toward the apex, spines reddish, membranaceous; Blades sublinear, attenuate and ending in an acuminate-caudate apex, 43-65 x 2.5-3.3 cm, slightly narrowed and distinctly canaliculate toward the base, channel U-shaped, without a distinct thicker median zone, dark green except for the base sometimes reddish, upper and lower sides strongly contrasting, adaxially inconspicuously and sparsely to subdensely white lepidote, abaxially completely covered by a coarse layer of white trichomes, margins slightly undulate, densely spinose, spines 0.5-1 mm long, 2-5 mm apart, antrorsely uncinate, green to reddish; Scape distinct, 11-15 cm long, ca.