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 (ə-no͝or′ē-ə, ə-nyo͝or′-)
The absence of urine formation. Also called anuresis.

a·nu′ric (ə-no͝or′ĭk, ə-nyo͝or′-) adj.
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having anuria
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Adj.1.anuric - of or relating to an inability to urinateanuric - of or relating to an inability to urinate
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She became anuric after child birth, thus referred to this hospital which is a tertiary renal care unit.
Patients who were anuric ran the risk of developing potassium intoxication that could be reversed for a few hours by the administration of intravenous glucose and insulin.
The patient was hypotensive, hypothermic, anuric and hypoxic, and had severe metabolic acidosis.
During hospital stay after 1 week she became anuric, developed accelerated hypertension and LVF and respiratory distress.
On postoperative day 2, a decrease in diuresis was observed (800 mL), with slight elevation of serum creatinine level (296 mmol/L), but later during the same day, the patient became anuric despite continued stimulation with furosemide.
The patient may be anuric with no urinary output or oliguric with very little output.
When assessing the acid-base status in patients on dialysis, it must be taken into account that the physiological response to respiratory disorders is abnormal, especially in anuric patients; therefore, serum bicarbonate levels depend on the HC[O.sub.3] provided by dialysate bath; this implies a need for adjusting the HCO3 concentration in the dialysate bath based on associated respiratory disorders in order to avoid detrimental effects caused by the therapy (e.g., cardiac arrhythmias in patients with respiratory alkalosis who receive high loads of bicarbonate with the dialysate bath in order to achieve a goal of serum HC[O.sub.3] greater than 22mmol/L).
He became anuric and required intubation for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and uremic encephalopathy.
However, CHDF was switched to hemodialysis (HD) as the patient's anuric state due to AKI persisted.
Over the next few hours, continuous volume substitution was necessary to stabilize the blood pressure; the patient became anuric and showed progressive respiratory insufficiency.
Further, residual diuresis was found as a positive influencing factor on the concentration of IS (Figures 1 and 2); therefore, this data was also analyzed separately in anuric and residual diuresis patients (Table 4).
Seventy-two hours after admission, she was anuric with worsening renal function despite optimal fluid management.