anxiety hysteria

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Noun1.anxiety hysteria - a form of hysteria having features of both conversion disorder and anxiety neurosis
hysterical neurosis, hysteria - neurotic disorder characterized by violent emotional outbreaks and disturbances of sensory and motor functions
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The authors have organized the main body of their text in thirteen chapters devoted to rumor and gossip, fads, crazes, manias, urban legends, stampedes and panics, anxiety hysteria, classical mass hysteria, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Hyperaesthesia for auditory sensations, parious paraesthesias" and paroxysms) in addition to those of anxiety hysteria ("May lead of psychic impotence & sexual anaesthesia" TS10971_8, 21).
In the spring of 1922, "Little Hans," now at the age of nineteen, introduces himself again to Freud, fourteen years after the analysis via his father of his anxiety hysteria. The meeting is then recorded by Freud in a laconic postscript to the case history, previously published in 1909.