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Moreover, although there are some studies that did not report sex differences (23), the majority of findings are indeed suggesting that females could be more sensitive to the anxiolytic effects of resistance exercise, in comparison with the males, and possibly may respond better to high intensity strength training.
PHENAZEPAM- it is a benzodiazepine with anxiolytic, euphoric, anti-convulsant, amnestic, muscle relaxant, and hypnotic (sleep-inducing) effects.
The elevated plus maze is a test used to screen the anxiolytic and anxiogenic effects of pharmacological agents.
Among the topics are drugs used to treat neuromuscular disorders, anti-psychotic and anxiolytic drugs, anti-seizure agents, agents affecting the renin-angiotensin pathway, insulin and drugs used to treat diabetes, antihistamines and related anti-allergic and anti-ulcer agents, and obesity and nutrition.
Long acting hypnotics are indicated in patients with poor sleep maintenance (early morning wakening) that causes day time effects, when an anxiolytic effect is needed during the day or when sedation the following day is acceptable.
In fact, the oil extract of this brown propolis exerted stimulant, anxiolytic, and antidepressant effects at lower doses [18].
mexicana collected in three different regions of Mexico, and furthermore examined their anxiolytic and sedative-like activities as well as the mechanism of action.
Authors concluded that B-GOS might have an anxiolytic effect and reduce stress reactivity in healthy subjects.
tibetica and to evaluate their anxiolytic potential in comparison to reference synthetic (diazepam) and natural (apigenin) molecules.
* A low-dose anxiolytic might benefit patients with preprandial anxiety.
The study from the University of Warwick shows that several anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) drugs or hypnotic drugs (sleeping pills) are associated with a doubling in the risk of mortality.
He had been treated with cyamemazine, a sedative and anxiolytic antipsychotic drug, for several years and was also taking hydroxyzine, insulin, tamsulosin, and atorvastatin.