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adv. Slang
Variant of anywho.
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Anyhoo, Mary Portas - she of the title - helped York boutique Selkie make its mark by stocking more exciting clothes, armed only with a flasher mac and a bob haircut.
Anyhoo, the other night a bunch of us went to this cool club and there was this bitchen DJ who was kind of cute and I was feeling it until she segued from Lupe Fiasco into Buckcherry - I mean, who does that?
When you let him know you saw this tittle display, he motormouths, "Uh, yeah, I thought she was you for a sec--you both have long hair, um, and you have a red sweater like the one she's wearing, which looks really nice on you, by the way, and anyhoo, I just happened to be passing this way because I thought it was Tuesday, when I have art class on that side of the hallway, but it's Monday and .
Anyhoo - she has one and he's called Elliot Mintz (I believe that's his name and not a description of his gait), and he's just given the English language a brand new euphemism for cocaine.
We chicks were bored of killing our brain cells in vulgar drinking competitions down Broad Street anyhoo.
Anyhoo, just days later she wrote on her website that she felt 'the article focused too much on my personal life.
Anyhoo, one doesn't have the space here for a rant here about taxpayer funded dinners blah, blah.
Anyhoo, this docu is set in a traditional old boozer in the East End of London.
Anyhoo, One Direction are only doing five shows in the UK and one of them will be at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland.
Anyhoo, this pair of glasses can, upon your command, take a picture, give you directions, record what you see, and can share it, as it's happening.
Anyhoo, if you happen to be someone who might find this a good gift for the wife, you can now buy Jesus and Mother Mary briefs.
Anyhoo, after I was told about the antibiotic causing my sore ankle, I decided to read said missive.