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adv. Slang
Variant of anywho.
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Anyhoo, Liam kicked off the UK leg of his world tour in Belfast this week and it went down a storm.
Anyhoo, since we are on the downside of 2016 and I hear you've already come up with some possible high-level goals, I wanted to make a suggestion to you as your newest LinkedIn friend: You've done your job, now get out of the way.
Anyhoo, Bette Midler posted a jokey retort, Kim fired back and a Twit-feud ensued.
Anyhoo, this is the sort of thing you idly wonder if you're not the biggest fan of espionage thrillers, and worry The Night Manager (BBC1, Sunday, 9pm) will be too macho to enjoy.
Anyhoo, the wood-floored apartment comes in at just 845 square feet, and includes a proper entrance hall, a good-sized living room with wood-burning fireplace, a narrow but windowed galley kitchen with adjacent dining nook, and a corner bedroom with walk-in closet.
Anyhoo, I have thoroughly enjoyed every single album they have put out and their new one is no exception.
Anyhoo, this week Steven Toast does a similar thing when he appears on Woman's Hour.
Anyhoo, here are my favourites, unfortunately laden with snide remarks.
Anyhoo, I remember you banned him and whatnot (I know Chop, and it doesn't surprise me one bit), but you should do an interview or something with him just to get his side of the story.
Anyhoo, it's all worth it for the live footage from the Trans tour, in which Young prowls the stage like Gary Numan on angel dust while someone sniffs about how flawed the music is.
Anyhoo, Ms Palin is allegedly happy to becoming a granny at the age of 44 and issued the following statement: