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also any·hoo (ĕn′ē-ho͞o′)
adv. Slang
1. In spite of that; nevertheless; however.
2. In any case; at least; anyway.

[Humorous alteration of anyhow.]
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Anywho, people please be safe at all times and come back fully intact, with a bit of weight gained from eating too much, this festive season.
Anywho, I wanted to start today with an all encompassing "well done" to everyone who got their GCSE results this week.
Anywho wish to improvemaritime safety would do better to concentrate on the appalling standards of seamanship which are so frequently the cause of maritime accidents in our British seas, and ponder on why the country has come to this.
Anywho (yes, I know that's not a real word), to cut a long story short, it got me to thinking about how when we're right we really need to make sure we're right before pointing out other people's mistakes.
Anywho, Jennifer was so annoyed that she posted the following on her Web site:
Anywho, that was part of what I took away from assembly.
com, AT&T WorldNet Service, AT&T AnyWho, C-SPAN, CBS SportsLine, CBS Switchboard, Movies.
AT&T Interactive local search also offers people search through their AnyWho.
Sources include: (White Pages) Yahoo, Anywho, WhoWhere, Canada411 and Infobel; (Yellow Pages and Toll Free) Smartpages, Ameritech, Anywho, Canada Yellow Pages, Europages and Infobel; (Reverse Phone) InfoUSA and Anywho; (Email) IAF, Switchboard, Bigfoot, and WhoWhere; (Reverse Email): infoUSA and Anywho; (Domain Search) Whois; (Forward and Reverse Area Code) Area Code Decoder and 555-1212; and (Forward and Reverse Zip Code) USPS.
AT&T AnyWho is a registered service mark of AT&T.
Local, MSN Yellow Pages, Microsoft Live Search & Live Search Maps, AOL Yellow Pages, MapQuest Yellow Pages, AnyWho, Addresses.
com) give Web surfers and those who download the AT&T Click2Dial Conferencing software instant access to AT&T's Anywho directory (www.