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A. arch of aorta
B. abdominal aorta


n. pl. a·or·tas or a·or·tae (-tē)
The main trunk of the systemic arteries, carrying blood from the left side of the heart to the arteries of all limbs and organs except the lungs.

[New Latin, from Greek āortē, from āeirein, to lift; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

a·or′tal, a·or′tic adj.
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Adj.1.aortic - of or relating to the aortaaortic - of or relating to the aorta    


[eɪˈɔːtɪk] ADJaórtico


a. aórtico-a, rel. a la aorta;
___ murmursoplo, ruido ___;
___ stenosisestenosis o estrechamiento ___.


adj aórtico
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Summary: Egyptian suffered nearly fatal aortic rupture but a successful surgery has given him a second chance at life
Chimney and periscope technique for emergent treatment of spontaneous aortic rupture.
Sources told the GDN the woman suffered from multiple organ failure, multiple fractures and an aortic rupture before being pronounced dead on Saturday night.
The signs and symptoms of acute abdominal aortic rupture into the retroperitoneal cavity are usually pulsatile mass, abdominal pain and hemodynamically unstable patients leading to hypotension and shock [5].
The lesions that affect the aortic wall may be secondary to direct puncture of the wall by the foreign body or due to the extension of the mediastinal inflammatory process with an aortic rupture contained by the adjacent soft tissues and the inflammatory exudate (pseudoaneurysm).
Such patients are prone for cardiovascular decompensation and complication can occur in the form of left ventricular failure, aortic rupture, cerebro-vascular accidents or infective endocarditis.
The use of heparin-less cardiopulmonary bypass has led to a significant decrease in morbidity and mortality compared to the conventional clamp and sew technique and passive shunting technique in patients with traumatic aortic rupture.
Clinical literature shows that women diagnosed with AAA experience aortic expansion at a rate that is 40-80 percent faster than men, which can result in aortic rupture at smaller diameters.
17,18) These three presentations of acute aortic syndromes have similar symptoms, and each carries the risk of aortic rupture.
In contrast VASCOPS A4clinics software allows a detailed biomechanical rupture risk assessment, and hence, allows prioritizing patients according to their individual risk of aortic rupture.
5) Aortic rupture occurs within 24 hours in 33% of the patients who reach the hospital but have no decisive procedure done.