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A. arch of aorta
B. abdominal aorta


n. pl. a·or·tas or a·or·tae (-tē)
The main trunk of the systemic arteries, carrying blood from the left side of the heart to the arteries of all limbs and organs except the lungs.

[New Latin, from Greek āortē, from āeirein, to lift; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

a·or′tal, a·or′tic adj.
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Adj.1.aortic - of or relating to the aortaaortic - of or relating to the aorta    


[eɪˈɔːtɪk] ADJaórtico


a. aórtico-a, rel. a la aorta;
___ murmursoplo, ruido ___;
___ stenosisestenosis o estrechamiento ___.


adj aórtico
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This study, therefore, aimed to investigate the septation of the aortic sac and the OFT in the early embryonic human heart.
This study showed significantly increased systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and pulse pressure indexes of the excluded aortic sac in patients with Type I and Type II endoleaks compared with patients with no endoleaks.
Boyd (1934) has stated that a low CB results if external carotid artery (ECA) originates from third aortic arc, close to the aortic sac. Moffat (1959) suggested that third aortic arc contributed only to the first part of internal carotid artery (ICA), and CCA and ECA originated from aortic sac, and this was the reason for the variations.
Aortic sac distensibility was positively related to sex and height whereas it was inversely related to age, BMI, SBP, and DBP, AAA diameter, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, and LDL.
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