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n. aortocoronaria, rel. a las arterias aorta y coronaria.
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At the time of operation, an autologous saphenous vein graft (SVG) was harvested from the thigh, and 2 aortocoronary bypass grafts were implanted.
Electronic auction: services for aftercare in a sanatorium institution of non-working pensioners who underwent an acute myocardial infarction, surgical interventions for aortocoronary shunting or resection of an aneurysm of the heart
Optimal antithrombotic therapy following aortocoronary bypass: a meta-analysis.
The patient underwent triple aortocoronary bypass surgery (left internal mammary artery - LAD, RCx - OM1 and RCA) without mitral valve correction six weeks after myocardial infarction.
Use of a nasal continuous positive airway pressure mask in the treatment of postoperative atelectasis in aortocoronary bypass surgery.
The relation of risk factors to the development of atherosclerosis in saphenous vein bypass grafts and the progression of disease in the native circulation: a study 10 years after aortocoronary bypass surgery.
Esmolol attenuates the haemodynamic responses during fentanyl-pancuroniumanesthesia for aortocoronary bypass surgery.
Objective: To evaluate the benefits of simultaneous aortic root and vein graft cold blood cardioplegia and continuous controlled warm blood perfusion through vein grafts during proximal aortocoronary anastomosis in conventional coronary artery bypass graft surgery in patients with multi-vessel coronary artery disease.
Anatomical variations of coronary ostia, aortocoronary angles and angles of division of the left coronary artery of the human heart.
The superficial BrA (if not having the reduced caliber) can serve as a longer graft for aortocoronary bypasses than the usual radial artery.
In 1960, Doctor Robert Goetz had performed the first bypass aortocoronary intervention (in United States of America).