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n. aortoplastia, procedimiento quirúrgico para reparar la aorta.
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Of those with aortic re-coarctation, one had primary surgical repair with subclavian flap aortoplasty before stenting and the other had stent restenosis.
Surgical management includes resection and end-to-end repair, subclavian flap repair, prosthetic patch aortoplasty, interposition graft or extra-anatomic bypass graft.
Traditional intervention consists of open surgery with bypass grafting, interposition grafting, or patch aortoplasty [5, 11, 17-20].
In this study, we sought to evaluate the surgical effects of aortic arch (AA) reconstruction with coarctation resection and aortoplasty with autologous pulmonary artery patch for infants and young children with CoA and AAH.
A diagnosis of severe post ductal coarctation of aorta was made and Balloon aortoplasty was planned for the patient.
Though antenatal period is managed conservatively, significant coarcatation or recoarctation with long standing hypertension or patient with haemodynamically significant aortic stenosis and female patient contemplating pregnancy indicate surgical intervention like balloon dilatation with or without stenting, Dacron patch aortoplasty or surgical correction with dissection of paracoarctation tissue.