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also ap·a·nage  (ăp′ə-nĭj)
1. A source of revenue, such as land, given by a sovereign for the maintenance of a member of the ruling family.
2. Something extra offered to or claimed by a party as due; a perquisite: The leaders of the opposition party agreed to accept another government's appanages, and in doing so became an officially paid agency of a foreign power.
3. A rightful or customary accompaniment or adjunct.

[French apanage, from Old French, from apaner, to make provisions for, possibly from Medieval Latin appānāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin pānis, bread; see pā- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈæpənɪdʒ) or


1. (Historical Terms) land or other provision granted by a king for the support of a member of the royal family, esp a younger son
2. a natural or customary accompaniment or perquisite, as to a job or position
[C17: from Old French, from Medieval Latin appānāgium, from appānāre to provide for, from Latin pānis bread]


or ap•a•nage

(ˈæp ə nɪdʒ)

1. land or some other source of revenue assigned for the maintenance of a member of a royal family.
2. whatever belongs rightfully or appropriately to one's rank or station in life.
3. a natural or necessary accompaniment; adjunct.
[1595–1605; < Middle French, Old French apanage=apan(er) to endow with a maintenance < Medieval Latin appānāre= ap-1 + pānis bread]
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Noun1.appanage - any customary and rightful perquisite appropriate to your station in lifeappanage - any customary and rightful perquisite appropriate to your station in life; "for thousands of years the chair was an appanage of state and dignity rather than an article of ordinary use"
fringe benefit, perk, perquisite - an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right); "a limousine is one of the fringe benefits of the job"
2.appanage - a grant (by a sovereign or a legislative body) of resources to maintain a dependent member of a ruling family; "bishoprics were received as appanages for the younger sons of great families"
grant, assignment - (law) a transfer of property by deed of conveyance


also apanage
A privilege granted a person, as by virtue of birth:
Law: droit.
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In the late nineteenth century a number of largely independent apanages (samrap), 14 for the largest monastic fraternity, the Mahanikay, and 11 for the newly established monarchical and pro-Thai Thommayut, had emerged.
Les instances qui figurent dans l'histoire litteraire de Nathalie Sarraute ne sont pas directement des ecrivains individuels, mais plutot "le roman" en general, et ses apanages mimetiques ou techniques.
Depuis le debut des annees 1990, le gouvernement du Quebec a opere une serie de transferts vers le niveau regional de responsabilites et de capacites jusque-la seuls apanages du gouvernement central.