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Having no petals: an apetalous floret.

a·pet′al·y (ā-pĕt′l-ē) n.


(Botany) (of flowering plants) having no petals
[C18: from New Latin apetalus, see a-1, petal]
aˈpetaly n


(eɪˈpɛt l əs)

having no petals.
a•pet′a•lous•ness, a•pet′a•ly, n.
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Adj.1.apetalous - (of flowers) having no petals
petaled, petalled, petalous - (of flowers) having petals
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(1991) studied the inheritance of apetalous character in mustard and their reaction to mustard aphid infestation.
The flower is zygomorphic and apetalous, with a single whorl of nine stamens, a partly inferior syncarpous ovary that is unilaterally adnate to the perianth and seven-loculed with the septa fused at the base of the ovary.
As what are a hazel's unisexual apetalous flowers better known?
The flowers are apetalous (flowers having no petals) and unisexual and borne in panicles.
Genetic Type T368 is an apetalous, male-sterile line of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.], Reg.
FLOWER DESCRIPTION: Red stamens (apetalous), late winter to early spring; NOT ABUNDANT.
adamantis are small and apetalous, and sepals of hermaphroditic flowers are slightly longer than those of female flowers (Wagner et al.
If flowers were apetalous, then the petaloid part of the flower (sepals, tepals, glumes, etc.) was used for the above characters.