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Noun1.aphakic - someone afflicted by aphakiaaphakic - someone afflicted by aphakia; someone lacking the natural lenses of the eyes
visually impaired person - someone who has inferior vision
Adj.1.aphakic - of or relating to or afflicted with aphakiaaphakic - of or relating to or afflicted with aphakia
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Objective: To compare the mean changes in central corneal thickness (CCT) and corneal endothelial-cell density (CED) after removal of silicon oil (ROSO) using anterior (limbal) versus posterior (pars plana) approach in aphakic patients following successful retinal re attachment surgery.
For example, if they have an opportunity to observe a complicated contact lens fit and aftercare on patients who are keratoconic, aphakic, or who require post-refractive surgery.
At final visit, 46 eyes were pseudophakic, 26 were phakic, 10 had traumatic cataract, 15 eyes were aphakic, and 4 eyes had undergone evisceration and 1 eye had undergone enucleation.
With aphakic glasses the patient improved to 6/36 in the injured eye after 6 weeks of surgery.
There were 4 eyes with secondary aphakic glaucoma, 3 eyes were pseudophakic with uncontrolled IOP, 1 eye had secondary uveitic glaucoma, and 2 eyes had primary congenital glaucoma.
5) Another study demonstrated IOP reduction after cyclophotocoagulation in a pregnant woman with uveitic aphakic glaucoma.
Koch, MD; and Warren Hill, MD, the new IOL predictor formula incorporates elements from validated formulae used to calculate IOL power and adds aphakic data taken at the time of surgery to provide additional accuracy of a patient's refractive needs.
One PC IOL fell into the vitreous upon placement due to lack of capsular support so he was left aphakic and was referred to a vitreo-retinal surgeon at a tertiary hospital and further record of that particular patient was not available.