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1. Having no light.
2. Of or relating to the region of a body of water that is not reached by sunlight and in which photosynthesis is unable to occur.


1. (Biology) characterized by or growing in the absence of light: an aphotic plant.
2. (Physical Geography) of or relating to the zone of an ocean below that to which sunlight can penetrate, usually about 90m (300 ft). This is the lowest level at which photosynthesis can take place
[C20: from a-1 + -photic, from Greek phōs light]


(eɪˈfoʊ tɪk)

lightless; dark.
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Adj.1.aphotic - lacking lightaphotic - lacking light; especially not reached by sunlight; "the aphotic depths of the sea where no photosynthesis occurs"
dark - devoid of or deficient in light or brightness; shadowed or black; "sitting in a dark corner"; "a dark day"; "dark shadows"; "dark as the inside of a black cat"
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Aphotic zone carbonate production on a Miocene ramp Central Apennines, Italy.
According to the generic knowledge on the underwater light level, the sea area was divided into photic and aphotic zones.
Luv U Mate also talked about the aphotic zone, the point where sunlight loses its power of transference through the water as summarized by Cameron.