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Relating to bees or to the keeping and care of bees.


(Agriculture) of or relating to the breeding and care of bees


(ˌeɪ piˈɛər i ən)

pertaining to bees or to the breeding and care of bees.
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Adj.1.apiarian - relating to bees or beekeepingapiarian - relating to bees or beekeeping  
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The apiarian domain exhibited few postcards with bee gardens from the domains Malini, Bicaz, Cocioc, Gherghita and Segarcea; different types of hives: Dzierzon, Berlepsch, Hermes; many types of honey combs; the bee in different forms with the enemies of the hives; jars of different shapes with May honey; liqueurs, made at the Peris apiary from honey and fruits--vanilla, sour cherries, centaury, coffee, peppermint, strawberries, oranges, bitters liqueurs but also beverages such as: sour cherries wine, wormwood wine, honey beer; different shapes and qualities of candle wax.
A booth where you can ask our staff members and the Beekeepers Guild of San Mateo County questions about all things apiarian.
So while we are stretching our mental legs around the site of Carthage, a spatio-temporal disjunction, initiated by the bee metaphor, ruptures the simple quotation by the reader's awareness that Virgil used this image before the Aeneid, opening up onto an apiarian vista.