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 (ā′pĭ-kəl, ăp′ĭ-)
1. Of, relating to, located at, or constituting an apex.
2. Linguistics Of, relating to, or articulated with the tip of the tongue, as (t), (d), and (s).

[From Latin apex, apic-, top.]

ap′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˈæpɪkəl; ˈeɪ-)
1. of, at, or being the apex
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) of or denoting a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue, such as (t) or (d)
[C19: from New Latin apicālis, from Latin: apex]
ˈapically adv


(ˈeɪ pɪ kəl, ˈæp ɪ-)

1. of, at, or forming the apex.
2. (of a speech sound) articulated principally with the tip of the tongue, as (t) or (d).
[1820–30; < Latin apic-, s. of apex apex]
a′pi•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.apical - situated at an apexapical - situated at an apex      
top - situated at the top or highest position; "the top shelf"
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