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n. apicoectomía, resección de la raíz de un diente.
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The present case series suggests that orthodontic closure of bony defect combined with regenerative procedure with PRF or collagen as scaffold for immature apex has better predictability compared to lateral pedicle flap, Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) and apicoectomy combined with endodontic, as it provides more space for bone formation in the defect area and being completely non invasive approach in contrast.
A recent study carried out by Mente et al (2015) suggested that orthograde retreatment combined with orthograde placement of an apical mineral trioxide aggregate plug after a failed apicoectomy is a promising long-term treatment option for teeth with postsurgical pathosis and success rate was reported to be 87%.
When the lesion persists, or there are signs and symptoms, an apicoectomy is recommended.
sup][8],[9],[10] Chitosan has been applied on the surgical procedures of periodontitis, apicoectomy, tooth extraction, and palatal wounds.
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Additionally, CBCT technology aids in the diagnosis of endodontic and nonendodontic pathosis, assessing vertical root fractures, analysis of root resorption defects, and presurgical assessment of apicoectomy procedures [19, 20].
19) performed cyst enucleation in combination with apicoectomy and retrograde filling.
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A radiograph then taken with an increased vertical angulation revealed the presence of remaining root tips of both the central incisors left out during previous apicoectomy with retained guttapercha inside (Figure 2a).