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1. Resembling an ape.
2. Slavishly or foolishly imitative: an apish impersonation.
3. Silly; outlandish.

ap′ish·ly adv.
ap′ish·ness n.
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These are the petty responsories, these are the dear antiphonies that so bewitched of late our prelates and their chaplains with the goodly echo they made; and besotted us to the gay imitation of a lordly Imprimatur, one from Lambeth House, another from the west end of Paul's, so apishly Romanizing that the word of command still was set down in Latin.
3) Thomas Herbert presses the animal metaphor that is implicit in Heylyn's appraisal to the limit when he makes the literal connection between the apish speech of Ethiopians and their supposed practices of bestiality: "Their language is apishly sounded (with whom tis thought they mixe unnaturally).
Anti-German metaphors depicted butchers, bloody beasts, and in particular, dullish clods who apishly followed the Kaiser and allowed a landed, militaristic nobility to dominate them.