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 (ăp′līt′) also hap·lite (hăp′līt′)
A fine-grained, light-colored granitic rock consisting primarily of orthoclase and quartz.

[German Aplit, from Greek haplous, single; see haploid.]

ap·lit′ic (ă-plĭt′ĭk) adj.


(ˈæplaɪt) or


(Geological Science) a light-coloured fine-grained acid igneous rock with a sugary texture, consisting of quartz and feldspars
[C19: from German Aplit, from Greek haploos simple + -ite1]
aplitic, hapˈlitic adj


(ˈæp laɪt)

a fine-grained granite composed essentially of feldspar and quartz.
[1875–80; apl- (variant of haplo-) + -ite1]
ap•lit′ic (-ˈlɪt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.aplite - light-colored and fine-grained granitic rock consisting chiefly of quartz and feldspars
igneous rock - rock formed by the solidification of molten magma
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In addition to the geochemical signature, widespread alteration is associated with small bodies of biotite granodiorite, quartz porphyry, and aplite are present throughout the property.
58 m in aplite dykes and skarnified marble; ● LP1041 intersected 27.
It is an extremely hard, fine-grained, white aplite stone.
1) consists of five granite types: wiborgite, pyterlite, even-grained granite, porphyry aplite, and porphyritic granite, of which wiborgite is the most common granite type (see also Simonen 1987) (Fig.
Mapping by previous explorers (GS1970/671 26709) located an extensive area of hydrothermal (sulphide) alteration associated with a NE trending aplite dyke.
Near Asbestos, he recognized that the peridotite, chromite-beating dunite, pyroxenite, gabbro, diabase, porphyrite, hornblende granite, and aplite are all parts of a thick sill.
Aplite dykes intrude along broad northwest trending fault zones and were intersected by the drilling in the Northwest and Southeast zones.
The highest level dyke samples exhibit microcrystalline texture consisting of intergrown fibrolites rimming quartz and feldspar phenocrysts, reflecting greater degrees and rates of supercooling or devitrification (Stirling 1981; MacLellan and Trembath 1991), akin to aplite.
The section is capped by a subhorizontal three-foot aplite dike.
ii) Also at Site 97 a vertical aplite dyke ended abruptly at the lower boundary of the red surface soil materials.
These granites are presumed to be part of the peninsular gneissic complex and to contain basic enclaves of aplite, pegmatite, epidote, and quartz veins.
The Gold Star Project is in the middle of Pershing County and includes tourmalinized quartz veins and aplite cutting a Cretaceous granodiorite stock similar to the Spring Valley deposit across the valley to the east.