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 (ăp′līt′) also hap·lite (hăp′līt′)
A fine-grained, light-colored granitic rock consisting primarily of orthoclase and quartz.

[German Aplit, from Greek haplous, single; see haploid.]

ap·lit′ic (ă-plĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.aplitic - of or related to aplite
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In the Jimusaer mining area, three types of dolostone were found: micritic dolostone, sandy aplitic dolostone and tuffaceous dolostone.
Prevalence of radiation from [Fe.sup.3+] (700 nm band) in the XRL spectrum of the endocontact quartz is related to faster cooling and influx of oxygen from the enclosing frame; faint [Fe.sup.3+] emission in the aplitic quartz (third phase) with intense radiation in the 620 nm band is most likely due to the final phase formation under conditions of slow cooling and lack of oxygen.
The Ambalavayal granite is of four types, namely, foliated granite, pink granite, grey granite, and aplitic granite [16].
1), indicate that the megacrystic granite intrudes and truncates quartz veins and aplitic dykelets within the John Lee Brook Granite (Fig.
The two summits of the hill defined by the Logrosan granite (the San Cristobal hill) are composed of a microporphyritic (two-texture) granite and an aplitic granite (Evolved Units) (Fig.