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 (ə-pŏk′ə-lĭp′tĭk) also a·poc·a·lyp·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
1. Relating to or predicting the end of the world, especially as described in the Bible or another religious text.
2. Relating to or predicting widespread destruction or the collapse of civilization: "The refugees in the camps spoke of apocalyptic devastation and tens of thousands dead" (Amitav Ghosh).
3. Characterized by predictions of or allusions to a disastrous outcome: spoke of the impending economic crisis in apocalyptic terms.

a·poc′a·lyp′ti·cal·ly adv.
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They theorize that an initial generation of stars made purely of hydrogen and helium - the elements created during the Big Bang - burned ferociously and exploded apocalyptically, jump-starting the seeding of the cosmos with progressively more diverse materials.
When the film finally ends, it is, against all odds, more apocalyptically dark and traumatic than Oedipa probably could have imagined:
It is the document of a much vaster event than La Violenza was: behind the scenes, and thus outside the courtroom doors, the sound of an onrushing crowd can be heard, apocalyptically heralding either 'la tragica rivoluzione delle vittime, disposte a sacrificare la liberta pur di non patire ancora dolore e sofferenza, o la definitiva conquista dello Stato da parte della violenza.
Once more this year we must choose between democracy in taxation and special privilege in taxation," Franklin Roosevelt declaimed apocalyptically on the 1936 campaign trail.
For such fossil flows may strike our ears more paradoxically and apocalyptically now, in 2017, than they did in 1983.
In the absence of that alternative focus, in the thick of all that endlessly self-pitying rhetoric, is it any wonder that our self-defeated Arab world would produce despairing young middle-class individuals who gravitated toward apocalyptically violent forms of political expression aimed at smiting a now wholly demonized Other?
Finally, the Machine apocalyptically collapses, bringing civilization down with it.
Politics is an event that cannot be predicted any more than its end can be apocalyptically announced.
WHILE PLANNING my rendezvous with Nick Jonas, I am hell-bent on getting him to do something totally, apocalyptically gay.
Thus, while offering a futuristic critique of its culture, Spike Jonze's Her (2013) enables its audience to identify with artificial intelligence, an OS system named Samantha, that apocalyptically, if casually, observes,
The so-called Constantinian turn of affairs was apocalyptically interpreted as the turn from persecution to dominion, from martyrdom to the millennium.