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a. Astronomy The point in an orbit around the planet Earth where the orbiting body is farthest from the planet.
b. The analogous point in an orbit around a celestial body other than Earth. Not in technical use.
2. The farthest or highest point; the apex: "The golden age of American sail, which began with the fast clipper ships in 1848, reached its apogee in the Gold Rush years" (Los Angeles Times).

[French apogée, from New Latin apogaeum, from Greek apogaion, from neuter of apogaios, far from the earth : apo-, apo- + gaia, earth.]

ap′o·ge′an (-jē′ən) adj.
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Adj.1.apogean - relating to or characteristic of an apogeeapogean - relating to or characteristic of an apogee; "apogean tides occur when the moon is at the apogee of its orbit"
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Perigean spring tides are outstanding, while apogean spring tides hardly differ from average tides.