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Lacking a pole or poles.
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It is important to consider that these extracts were unpurified and may contain both polar and apolar compounds, therefore the cytotoxic, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity may be due to different compounds and that there is no general relation between antioxidant, cytotoxic and antimicrobial activity.
Despite these efforts, wholly exfoliated morphologies are rarely achieved, especially with apolar polymers such as polyolefins, and resort to the use of appropriate compatibilizers, such as polymers grafted with maleic anhydride (MA), may be necessary.
Even if the percentage of apolar, mid-polar and polar compounds appeared to be different between these species, some similarities inside a genus could however be observed (Cladonia, Parmelia).
Medout-Marere (46) measured values of the Hamaker constant for different materials by immersion calorimetry in apolar liquids.
Although tannins, flavonoids and phenolic acids are the main components of the crude methanolic extracts of these Hypericum plants, it worthwhile to mention that the most apolar fractions of H.
R] 30B), and with apolar intercalents (20), (21) (Nanochore 1-30).
The data suggest that the plant leaves contain as yet unidentified polar compound(s) with potent inhibitory activity against polymorphonuclears and chemically different apolar molecule(s) which inhibit both prostanoid and leukotriene synthesis (Asmawi et al.
On the contrary, the apolar character of PP makes it an incompatible matrix for clays.
Two types of tests were conducted to measure the contact angle: (1) polymer solution and metal surface, and (2) polymer solution and metal surface immersed in an apolar solvent (n-heptane).
Surface free energy was defined as the sum of the Lifshitz-van der Waals apolar (LW) component [[gamma].
This material, with a low level of almost apolar compounds (hydrocarbons, long-chain alcohols and other lipids) was then submitted to exhaustive extraction with ethanol in a Soxhlet device.