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Lacking a pole or poles.
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Due to the associative nature of the hydrophobic groups, these polymers and nanogels can form apolar nanodomains that can store cosmetic and pharmaceutical actives and then release them when perturbed by environmental changes.
LUNA: If keratins, or possibly all intermediate filaments, are inherently apolar, how do you get motility?
Therefore, the total surface tensions of PSF and CMPSF1 (DS < 1) are dominated by the apolar component, while the total surface tension values of CMPSF2 (DS > 1) and PSFQ are dominated by the polar term, with the electron-donor interactions, [[gamma].sup.-.sub.sv] smaller than the electron-acceptor ones, [[gamma].sup.+.sub.sv] Consequently, the functional -C[H.sub.2]Cl groups introduced by chloromethylation of PSF increase polarity for CMPSF2 with a substitution degree DS > 1; also, the N,N-dimethylethanolamine charged groups introduced by quatemization of CMPSF, increase polarity for PSFQ1 and PSFQ2.
Foi utilizada coluna capilar DB5 (Agilent Technologies), revestida por 5% fenil 95% dimetilsiloxano, de carater apolar, de 30m, 0,25mm de diametro interno e 0,25[micro]m de espessura de filme.
(1995) related their effect to their toxic capacity against microorganisms, whose cytoplasmic membrane has low permeability for charged and polar molecules, while apolar compounds (e.g., monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes) can readily penetrate the lipidic bilayer, whose hydrophobic interior is a perfect matrix for lipophilic molecules.
Pico No Compuestos * Area (%) Ik (b) 1 sabineno 0,3 976 2 beta-pineno 2,0 979 3 cis-epoxi-oximeno 4,8 996 4 silvestreno 2,9 1031 5 cineol-1,8 0,4 1035 6 fenchona 0,6 1092 7 linalol 1,1 1101 8 camfor 5,0 1152 9 cis-derbenol 1,8 1169 10 borneol 3,6 1173 11 tepinen-4-ol 0,4 1185 12 Acetato de bornilo 10,4 1277 13 beta-cariofileno 1,4 1429 14 bergamoteno-alfa- 1,3 1446 cis 15 trans-beta-farneseno 1,5 1468 16 curcumeno-gamma 24,0 1493 17 curcumeno-ar 14,1 1496 18 nerolidol-Z 2,7 1521 19 cadineno-delta 0,6 1535 20 carotol 1,6 1600 21 junenol 3,3 1612 22 cubenol 0,69 1627 (a) Lista de Compuestos en orden de elucion con dos columnas: AT-5 (apolar) (b) Indice de Kovats calculados en relacion a n-alcanos (C8-C24) Tabla 2.
A polar HP Innowax (PEG) column and an apolar HP-5 one (30 m x 0.25 mm, 0.25 Lim film thickness) were used.
Most of the epitopes recognized by anti-hcTnI included one or several charged residues (e.g., three Arg for 10B11 and one His and two Lys for 10F4); the only exception was mAb 8E1, which recognized the neutral and quite apolar sequence ALLG.
Furthermore, fibers with greater hydrophobicity can help improve the compatibility between the fibers and apolar polymer matrices.
However, the chemical composition of the hydro-alcoholic extract it is not the same as for EOAs, since the extraction methods may exclude the possibility that the effects as described by Mendonca and colleagues would have been caused by the very same apolar and volatile substances such as those found as constituents of essential oils (Falkenberg et al.
A toxina, que destroi a membrana celular de enterocitos devido a sua propriedade de fosfolipase C (STERNE & BATTY, 1975), e uma metalofosfolipase que possui dois dominios, o C-terminal, que penetra na membrana celular sendo responsavel pela fixacao da proteina na celula, e o N-terminal, que desempenha a funcao enzimatica propriamente dita e hidrolisa os fosfolipidios das membranas celulares separando as porcoes polar e apolar, formando di-acil-glicerol e acido fosfatidico, provocando a lise da membrana celular (SAKURAI et al., 2004).