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1. Having no interest in or association with politics.
2. Having no political relevance or importance: claimed that the president's upcoming trip was purely apolitical.

a′po·lit′i·cal·ly adv.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) in an apolitical manner
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They are finding their voice in apolitically competent leadership which is directing their vituperation against the Bar to settle some unstated grievance with the Bar.
Though Emerson has been charged with waxing eloquently but apolitically about agency, law, and nature, von Frank argues that the philosopher's ideas had an "operative life in the constructions of those who read him, heard him, or were influenced by him.
In her naming of "Katie's canon," she is not apolitically personalizing or psychologizing this spiritual resource.
law that can be applied apolitically to internal atrocities everywhere,
Otherwise, the sudden contact with the world of brutality and hopelessness depicted in these apolitically moral novels would stun the reader into numbness.
We exist in the same variety that's around you every day: assimilationist and separatist, coupled and single, spiritually committed and sexually focused, healthy and ill, politically angry and apolitically amused.
Since legal structures enabled these values to be applied apolitically, it was in everyone's interest to follow the law.
aPolitically sterile figures are not natural phenomena,a he stated.
APOLITICALLY interested visitor to the United Kingdom from any European Union member state, or indeed anywhere else in the past week, could be forgiven for thinking that UKIP have suddenly become the official opposition.
Cook said he is concerned about councilors not allowing the health board to do its job apolitically.
While the majority of the nations at the Rome Conference historically had reason to distrust the Security Council's ability to pursue justice dispassionately and apolitically,(337) the Security Council's flaws do not mean that the ICC prosecutor will not have to depend on the Security Council.
The president wants as much economic expansion as possible at all times during his tenure; the Fed wants sustainable growth and cautiously, apolitically, guards against over-stimulation and subsequent inflation.