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1. Having no interest in or association with politics.
2. Having no political relevance or importance: claimed that the president's upcoming trip was purely apolitical.

a′po·lit′i·cal·ly adv.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) in an apolitical manner
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The industry needs to come together with government with a unified voice to begin sensibly and apolitically addressing these issues head on.
Defence Ministry spokesman Chhum Socheat defended the promotions, however, saying they were conducted properly and apolitically.
For examples of how such programs are framed apolitically, see generally Ethiopia Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2011 -2016: Accelerating the Tranformation Toward Prosperity, USAID (Mar.
31) He also claimed that even if there was a morally defensible reason for resignation, there would be no way to do it privately or apolitically.
It was to treat defeat apolitically as it were, as if it were an affront to ego, dignity, and honor, not a failing in oneself.
In addition to the uncertainty surrounding the outcome, Fed Chairwoman Yellen doesn't want to be seen as influencing the election and is trying to run the Fed as apolitically as possible.
Harb stressed that the issue must be dealt with apolitically.
The new city clusters did not emerge from residents apolitically and aseptically sorting themselves into discrete bundles of service preferences as the public choice model suggests, or as a defensive response to annexation.
i]f the serious writers of the Twenties had generally seen themselves as vanguard, advancing, individualistically, aesthetically, apolitically, under the banner of experimental arts, those of the Thirties often saw themselves as inert agents driven by "inevitable", "necessary" forces beyond their individuality, recurring collective homage .
23) The first critical assumption is that private funds are purely commercial in the sense that they act apolitically.
It also quoted the opinion of Katja Yafimava, a senior analyst at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, that apolitically itas very difficult for the Commission to support South Stream as this might be seen as depriving Ukraine of its leverage toward Russia.
The carving up of historical Palestine to excise the bulk of its territory for an imported unequivocally foreign population at the expense of the indigenous society was recognized not to be apolitically legitimate action.