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"I will not apologise for the dinner," said the Stork:
'I have to apologise, sir, for last night - ' he would begin.
I cannot otherwise than be concerned at being the means of injuring your amiable daughters, and beg leave to apologise for it, as well as to assure you of my readiness to make them every possible amends-- but of this hereafter.
In a softened tone she declared herself not at all offended; but he continued to apologise for about a quarter of an hour.
The King of Madagonia having refused either to apologise or pay, the King of Novakatka made war upon him, saying that it was necessary to show that Novakatkans must not be slaughtered.
Sir,-- I beg to apologise for the delay that has occurred in the production of the Report, with which I engaged to furnish you.
Don't apologise!") "Therefore perhaps we will come again if it be so ordained." (" Hear!
It was an accident; done because he did not apologise to that our colonel.
Not so identically the same as I supposed when I really did for the moment take you to be the same in the dusk--for which I ought to apologise; permit me to do so; a readiness to confess my errors is, I hope, a part of the frankness of my character--still, however, uncommonly like.'
You weren't satisfied, so I've come here to apologise again.
"Miss Tildy," said he, "I want to apologise for what I done the other evenin'.
Thus spake the old magician, and the higher men applauded him; so that Zarathustra went round, and mischievously and lovingly shook hands with his friends,--like one who hath to make amends and apologise to every one for something.