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The development of an embryo without the occurrence of fertilization, especially in plants.

[apo- + Greek mixis, a mingling (from meignunai, mig-, to mingle; see meik- in Indo-European roots).]
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n, pl -mixes (-ˈmɪksiːz)
(Biology) (esp in plants) any of several types of asexual reproduction, such as parthenogenesis and apogamy, in which fertilization does not take place. Compare amphimixis
[C20: New Latin, from Greek apo- + mixis a mixing]
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(ˌæp əˈmɪk sɪs)

n., pl. -mix•es (-ˈmɪk siz)
any of several types of asexual reproduction, as apogamy or parthenogenesis.
ap`o•mic′tic (-ˈmɪk tɪk) adj.
ap`o•mic′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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any of several processes of asexual reproduction. Cf. parthenogenesis.
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Noun1.apomixis - any of several kinds of reproduction without fertilization
apogamy - (botany) development of an embryo without fertilization; especially the development in some ferns of a sporophyte from the gametophyte without fertilization
agamogenesis, asexual reproduction - reproduction without the fusion of gametes
parthenocarpy - (botany) the development of a fruit without fertilization or seeds
parthenogenesis, parthenogeny - process in which an unfertilized egg develops into a new individual; common among insects and some other arthropods
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If polyembryony, which occurs in 'Jabuticaba' seeds, is generated by apomixis (formation of embryos without fertilization), depending on the type of polyembryony, some of the seedlings generated will be clones of mother plant.
According to the research, over 400 species of wild plants can produce viable seeds without fertilisation in a process called apomixis. This process seems to have evolved many times in plants, but not in commercial crop species, such as rice and wheat.
nigrum [9] and also an apomixis study in 2013 which is related to floral morphology [10].
The tests performed thereon were: spontaneous self-pollination, hand self-pollination (geitonogamy), apomixis (by cutting the style with a forceps), cross-pollination, and open pollination (control).
Traditional breeding based on the drought tolerance has been always the important strategy in citrus, but it is much more time-consuming because of its complex reproductive biology, such as high heterozygosity, apomixis, polyembryony, cross- and self-incompatibility, and long juvenility.
Strategies to explore the variability in individuals include carrying out artificial crosses, with induction to a hybridization, and manipulation of the sexuality and apomixis (Vails and Pefialoza, 2004).
The evaluation of genetic diversity using morphological markers alone has some limitations, particularly in species of a complex genre like citrus because of recurrent hybridization, bud mutations, polyploidy and apomixis. Different marker systems have been used to investigate DNA polymorphisms for the selection of desired parents to be used in the cultivar improvement, superior hybrid resulted from cross population (Talon and Gmitter, 2008; Sharma et al., 2015) and ultimately to manage the germplasm collection (Biswas et al., 2012).