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n.1.Dissection of aponeuroses.
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followed a lead on the Internet to become the first surgeon in America to perform needle aponeurotomy, a less incapacitating and less expensive treatment for patients.
7 years(4) and needle aponeurotomy demonstrated a recurrence rate of 65% at 32 months(3,4).
In contrast to surgical treatment, which often requires several months of recovery, Needle Aponeurotomy allows patients to return to near normal activities without bandages within a few days after treatment.
Auxilium believes that these rates compare favorably to recurrence rates from current surgical treatments, including open fasciectomy and needle aponeurotomy.
9 %) successfully treated joints that received medical or surgical intervention through three years, 30 had surgery, seven received needle aponeurotomy (of which 2 subsequently received a third intervention), and six received XIAFLEX.