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n. pl. a·poph·y·ses (-sēz′)
1. Anatomy A natural swelling, projection, or outgrowth of an organ or part, such as the process of a vertebra.
2. Geology A branch from a dike or vein.

[New Latin, from Greek apophusis, from apophuein, to send out branches : apo-, apo- + phuein, to grow; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.]

a·poph′y·sate′ (-sāt′), a·poph′y·se′al (-sē′əl) adj.
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Adj.1.apophyseal - of or relating to an apophysis
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Maximum distraction of apophyseal joints depends on the combination of multiple factors including traction force, time and angle of cervical traction.
Apophyseal avulsion fractures of the hip and pelvis.
It includes an array of innovative interbody fusion devices engineered for easier insertion, reduced subsidence through maximum contact with the apophyseal ring, a generous bone grafting area and compatibility with the InFill graft delivery system.
joint restrictions with localized tenderness on palpation of the facet or apophyseal joints of the neck with no distal radiation) (See Table 3).
The most widely used diagnostic criteria were proposed by Resnick and Niwayama in the 1970s, including calcification and ossification along the anterolateral aspect of at least four contiguous vertebral bodies, preservation of intervertebral disc height at the involved segments, and absence of apophyseal joint ankylosis and sacroiliac inflammatory changes.
2) The growth of syndesmophytes along the vertebral column in these patients, fusion of the apophyseal joints and ossification of the spinal ligaments are causes of restricted spinal mobility.
LM is inhibited because of pain arising from apophyseal joints or intervertebral discs and can be involved in a negative circuit that perpetuates a self-inhibition (2).
The skeletally immature individual is particularly at risk for these injuries due to the unique anatomic features of the growth plate and apophyseal ring.
Sairyo et al [35,36], studied apophyseal ring fracture using a FE pediatric spine and observed the traction force-induced avulsion fracture during flexion.
Adhin, "Isolated apophyseal avulsion of the coracoid process: case report and review of literature, " Acta Orthopaedica Belgica, vol.
Radiographs were reviewed for the following features: loss of cervical lordosis, odontoid process erosion, anterior atlantoaxial subluxation, C1-C2 arthritis, atlantoaxial impaction, inflammation of disc, apophyseal joint arthritis, anterior ankylosis, apophyseal joint ankylosis, anterior and posterior subaxial subluxation and growth disturbances.
They found that decreased disc-space height in X-Ray, decreased signal intensity within the disc on MRI, ring apophyseal injury in X-Ray, severe end-plate degeneration and disk degeneration on MRI, were the most correlated imaging findings with LBP.