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On or toward the port or left side of a ship.


adv, adj (postpositive)
(Nautical Terms) nautical on or towards the port side: with the helm aport.


(əˈpɔrt, əˈpoʊrt)

on or toward the port side of a ship: whales aport.
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Cu toate ca cele mai frecvente efecte adverse ale antipsihoticelor atipice sunt reprezentate de tulburarile metabolismului lipidelor si cresterea ponderala, iar acestea au repercusiuni severe in ceea ce priveste dezvoltarea tubului neural, precum si cresterea corporala in sine a fatului, fie in sensul subdezvoltarii, fie in cel al supradezvoltarii ponderale, s-a demonstrat ca un regim alimentar echilibrat al mamei, insotit de un adecvat aport exogen de folati si de o educatie prenatala, cat si postnatala corespunzatoare pot controla, in mod optim, aceste probleme.
Nous aimerions en outre remercier le journal Nation pour son aport qui arrive a temps oportun pour le fait qu'il continue de placer les dossiers de facon visible dans les publications aussitot qu'il les apprennent.
The mesh network offers end-to-end security and mobility of users across its coverage area and supports wireless services such as high-speed Internet, VoIP and location-based services packaged with the Aport Internet search engine.
This determination should include consideration of whether the provision imposes restrictions on the attorney broader than the attorney's own client would be able to insist aport, whether the provision would limit the attorney's independent professional judgment in the representation of other clients, whether the provision allows an opposing party to indirectly achieve a restriction on the lawyer's right to practice, whether the provision benefits the client or the opposing party and whether the provision furthers or hinders the public policy reasons Rule 4-5.
Arbitration Under NAFTA Chapter Eleven: Some Pragmatic Reflections aport the First Case Filed Against Mexico, 23 HASTINGS INT'L & COMP.
Williams ace Juan Pablo Montoya emphasised the huge role that tactics will now play in the aport.
Hard aPort, Brace the Main S'I' and Look Lively, Me Hardies.
Rus has joined forces with Agama, whose new Internet search engine concept, Aport 2000 (http://www.
Porter quotes the man as saying "Si Je avait Point des gages que le Diable ma aport si vous ma Soucier Embarker.
Although Bonny declined as aport in the first half of the century, the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantifies led to Bonny's revival.
b) Aport museum would be set up by the Federal Government depicting architectural heritage and antiquities relation to ports and shipping.
The servers are configured with search engine features that will perform searches within indexed pages and provide prompt delivery of found search results to the Aport Internet users.