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n. pl. ap·o·si·o·pe·ses (-sēz)
A sudden breaking off of a thought in the middle of a sentence, as though the speaker were unwilling or unable to continue.

[Late Latin aposiōpēsis, from Greek, from aposiōpān, to become silent : apo-, intensive pref.; see apo- + siōpān, to be silent (from siōpē, silence).]

ap′o·si′o·pet′ic (-pĕt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.aposiopetic - relating to or characteristic of aposiopesis
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This in turn is echoed in writing that seeks to preserve memories against the losses of time, while the discontinuities and omissions of photographs are echoed by the aposiopetic omission of what is too distressing to be said.
Frayed, indecisive, halting, aposiopetic, vexed by endless qualifiers, self-tortured to the verge of incompletion, they admit all the rhythmic interruptions of the human voice when it finds itself under the pressures of strong emotion.