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a. Apostle One of a group made up especially of the 12 disciples chosen by Jesus to preach the gospel.
b. A missionary of the early Christian Church.
c. A leader of the first Christian mission to a country or region.
2. One of the 12 members of the administrative council in the Mormon Church.
a. One who pioneers an important reform movement, cause, or belief: an apostle of conservation.
b. A passionate adherent; a strong supporter.

[Middle English, from Old English apostol and from Old French apostle, both from Late Latin apostolus, from Greek apostolos, messenger, from apostellein, to send off : apo-, apo- + stellein, to send; see stel- in Indo-European roots.]

a·pos′tle·hood′ n.
a·pos′tle·ship′ n.


the position or duty of an apostle
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Noun1.apostleship - the position of apostleapostleship - the position of apostle    
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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Father Bruno Ciceri, International Director of the Apostleship of the Sea at the Holy Sees Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, received the Friend of Foreign Service Medal from David Tawei Lee, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), during a noontime award ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs January 24.
Highlights include the hosting of the World Congress of the Apostleship of the Sea last October in Kaohsiung City, southern Taiwan; the signing of a memorandum of understanding on strengthening cooperation in combating money laundering, terrorism financing and associated offenses in May the same year; and the visit of Vice President Chen Chien-jen and a delegation of senior ROC government officials to the Vatican for the canonization of Mother Theresa of Calcutta in September 2016.
Family flowers only please but donations if desired can be given for Apostleship Of The Sea.
aluminosity any lo us apostleship alp pe os camerawomen can aw mo dehumanised dad en hi elaborating erg la at featherhead fed er ah gelatinated gid en la hematoxylin hon ex my imagination inn ma at jealoushood jud es ah keratometer kor em re leatherhead led er ah mountaineer mar oi un naturalises nas al ti outmarriage ore ur ti petalomania poa em ta readmission rin es as subpoenaing seg un ba telomerases tes er la zootrophies zos op oh aluminosity mi it apostleship sh ti camerawomen em re dehumanised us me elaborating bi on featherhead te ha gelatinated at te hematoxylin al ti imagination gi io jealoushood lo oo keratometer at te leatherhead te ha mountaineer ne te naturalises us re outmarriage ma ag petalomania an li readmission di mo subpoenaing pi on telomerases os me zootrophies ti re
Port chaplain Douglas Duncan, of the charity Apostleship of the Sea, said the crew were disappointed after being "on a high" before the auction.
While he doesn't use the term in First Thessalonians, Paul will eventually claim apostleship status: an authority describing those who were sent by Jesus personally.
In 2016, around PS10,000 was raised by the Port of Tyne welfare fund and will be distributed to projects that support seafarers, via the Merchant Navy Welfare Board - providing funding to welfare organisations that provide services to seafarers visiting the Tyne, including the Mission to Seafarers, Apostleship of the Sea and Fishermen's Mission - all of which are dependent entirely on charitable donations.
It also holds port directories and contact details for services offered by maritime welfare organisations including Apostleship of the Sea, German Seamen's Mission, ITF, Mission to Seafarers, Namma and Sailors' Society, and enables users to track their journey using AIS data provided by MarineTraffic, it stated.
Lategan BC (1988) Is Paul defending his Apostleship in Galatians?
Along with the reasons this study offers, might another be Paul's viewing his apostleship as fundamentally unique?
He was taken to hospital where he received medical attention and observation overnight and was given support by Catholic charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS).
Immediate family flowers only please but donations if so desired will be gratefully received towards Apostleship of the Seain his memory Care of Funeral Directors O.