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 (ăp′ə-stŏl′ĭk) also ap·os·tol·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to an apostle.
a. Of, relating to, or contemporary with the 12 Apostles.
b. Of, relating to, or derived from the teaching or practice of the 12 Apostles.
a. Of or relating to a succession of spiritual authority from the 12 Apostles, regarded by Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and some others to have been perpetuated by successive ordinations of bishops and to be requisite for valid orders and administration of sacraments.
b. Roman Catholic Church Of or relating to the pope as the successor of Saint Peter; papal.

ap′os·tol′i·cal·ly adv.
ap′os·tol·ic′i·ty (-stə-lĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


1. (Bible) of, relating to, deriving from, or contemporary with the Apostles
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to the teachings or practice of the Apostles
3. (Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to the pope regarded as chief successor of the Apostles
ˌaposˈtolical adj
ˌaposˈtolically adv


(ˌæp əˈstɒl ɪk)

also ap`os•tol′i•cal,

1. of or characteristic of an apostle.
2. derived from the apostles in regular succession.
3. of or pertaining to the pope; papal.
[1540–50; < Late Latin < Greek]
ap`os•tol′i•cal•ly, adv.
ap`os•tol′i•cism, n.
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Adj.1.apostolic - of or relating to or deriving from the Apostles or their teachings
2.apostolic - proceeding from or ordered by or subject to a pope or the papacy regarded as the successor of the Apostles; "papal dispensation"


Of missionaries or their work:
havarilere ait


A. ADJapostólico
the apostolic coalitionla coalición apostólica
B. CPD apostolic succession Nsucesión f apostólica


adjapostolisch; Apostolic successionapostolische Nachfolge; the Apostolic Seeder Apostolische Stuhl


[ˌæpəsˈtɒlɪk] adjapostolico/a


(əˈposl) noun
(often with capital) a man sent out to preach the gospel in the early Christian church, especially one of the twelve disciples of Christ. Matthew and Mark were apostles.
apostolic (ӕpəˈstolik) adjective
References in classic literature ?
Then the holy, apostolic form of Eliot would have sanctified it.
His beautiful light hair flows in profusion over his shoulders; and his glossy beard waves, at apostolic length, down to the lower buttons of his waistcoat.
Influenced by these thoughts, his face wore an expression so benign and tranquil, that the waiter in immediate attendance upon him felt he could almost have died in his defence, and settled in his own mind (until the receipt of the bill, and a very small fee for very great trouble disabused it of the idea) that such an apostolic customer was worth half-a-dozen of the ordinary run of visitors, at least.
A strange, apostolic whim having seized him, he had left Neskyeuna for Nantucket, where, with that cunning peculiar to craziness, he assumed a steady, common sense exterior and offered himself as a green-hand candidate for the Jeroboam's whaling voyage.
Hereupon the people of each parish gathered closer round their minister, who looked calmly upwards and assumed a more apostolic dignity, as well befitted a candidate for the highest honor of his profession, the crown of martyrdom.
"Do you believe in all the doctrines of the Holy Apostolic Church?" the priest went on, turning his eyes away from Levin's face and folding his hands under his stole.
A spiritual descendant in the direct line from Wycliff, Huss, Luther, Calvin; an Evangelical of the Evangelicals, a Conversionist, a man of Apostolic simplicity in life and thought, he had in his raw youth made up his mind once for all in the deeper questions of existence, and admitted no further reasoning on them thenceforward.
May not the unworthiness or incapacity of those who assume apostolic functions upon the remote islands of the sea more easily escape detection by the world at large than if it were displayed in the heart of a city?
Tyke, who, I understand, is an unexceptionable man, apostolic and eloquent and everything of that kind-- and I am the last man to withhold my vote--under the circumstances, you know."
Janvier's apostolic countenance; and in the same fashion the elderly faces of the justice of the peace and the deputy-mayor brought out the youthfulness of the notary.
But these criticisms fall before the fact that the noble catholic, apostolic, and Roman religion is still erect in Brittany and in the ancient duchy of Alencon.
That I did, punctiliously, and received an apostolic flesh-wound at Castlefidardo.