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 (ăp′ə-tĕm′nə-fĭl′ē-ə, -fēl′yə)
[apo- + Greek temnein, to cut; see tem- in Indo-European roots + -philia.]
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34-36, 41-43) and your hypotheses regarding neurodevelopmental correlates to xenomelia and related disorders such as apotemnophilia and body dysmorphia.
The most similar paraphilia is apotemnophilia, which is the eroticization of being an amputee (Money, Jobaris, & Furth, 1977).
Somatoparaphrenia is a disorder whereby a patient denies ownership of one of his limbs, and which in rare cases may lead to apotemnophilia, a strong desire for the amputation of a healthy limb (Bayne and Levy, 2005).
Apotemnophilia hit the news a few years ago when a man in Scotland asked his doctor to amputate a healthy leg because he felt it didn't belong on his body.
suicide and apotemnophilia are not criminalisable under the Harm
A Scottish surgeon, Robert Smith, amputated the healthy legs of two patients suffering from apotemnophilia. The patients had received psychiatric and psychological treatment prior to the operation, but did not respond.
Michael First terms the condition, which lacks a proper medical name, "a disorder that's completely off the map in the medical and psychiatric communities." The doctor stresses the disorder has little to do with apotemnophilia, involving the sexual fantasies of losing limbs dramatized in David Cronenberg's "Crash." What helmer Gilbert finds, despite the lack of a term, is a real problem shared mostly by men, who appear otherwise cogent, thoughtful and even unusually intelligent.
Stephen believes that the condition has some parallels with apotemnophilia, which is the desire to have healthy limbs removed because the sufferer does not feel they belong to their bodies, and body dysphoria, where a person has an extreme reaction to their looks.