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Variant of apothegm.


(ˈæpəˌθɛm) or


a short cryptic remark containing some general or generally accepted truth; maxim
[C16: from Greek apophthegma, from apophthengesthai to speak one's opinion frankly, from phthengesthai to speak]
apophthegmatic, apothegmatic adj


or ap•o•phthegm

(ˈæp əˌθɛm)

a short, pithy saying.
[1545–55; < Greek apóphthegma <apophtheg-, variant s. of apophthéngesthai to speak out]
ap`o•theg•mat′ic (-θɛgˈmæt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.apophthegm - a short pithy instructive saying
axiom, maxim - a saying that is widely accepted on its own merits


[ˈæpəθem] Napotegma m
References in classic literature ?
To this last apothegm poor Hepzibah responded with a sigh so deep and heavy that it almost rustled Uncle Venner quite away, like a withered leaf,--as he was,--before an autumnal gale.
IT WAS shown in the last paper that the political apothegm there examined does not require that the legislative, executive, and judiciary departments should be wholly unconnected with each other.
Let no one deem himself happy before his end," were the words of Solon; and here was a new and brilliant proof of the wisdom of the old apothegm.
NESBIT'S NARRATIVE PROPER, which begins in the '30s, is told in episodes and saccadic bursts, zigzagging across time and the map at breakneck speed, carried by word-pictures and apothegms.
6), the character of the Spartan apothegms was such 'as to justify the remark that love of wisdom rather than love of bodily exercise was the special characteristic of a Spartan' (20.
Almost immediately, however, we are given to know that he is incapable of doing so, as his sentence is overwritten with apothegms worthy of Polonius and he returns to the "baser matter" of his mother (1.
Prison shakes Young Bookwit out of his frivolous but dangerous follies and, amidst moral apothegms, copious tears, and elevated sentiments, Steele's hero reforms.
Life is a reflection of literature," Stevens wittily intoned, one of his many choice apothegms in Opus Posthumous asserting the primacy of imagination, the higher reality overshadowing worldly events.
The brevity of the six-line exercitive apothegms in Soothsay are models of the unpresumptuous skeptical wisdom that is advised here in contrast to a naive and presumptuous theological prolixity.
The apothegms of the Desert Fathers are wonderful, really worth reading.
1); the editor of Olla Podrida tells the reader that he is not going to conduct "dismal inquiries into the nature of truth and falsehood, to the apothegms of moralists, the discoveries of philosophers, or the disquisitions of the learned" (no.
Under this category there are proverbs, saws, maxims, adages, aphorism, epigrams, and apothegms.