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Nevertheless, Forrest Nabors succeeds mightily in making clear that the Calhounite Confederacy, despite its Lost Cause apologists and their determination to apotheosize the Confederacy as "conservative," has nothing that binds it to a genuinely republican conservatism.
Faced with a genocidal foe, the concept of nationality will indeed apotheosize into a Fichtean noumenal entity, as cognitive emergency coincides with national disaster.
elements of the New Text to apotheosize Confucius as su wang ([phrase
The grossest violations of the right to free speech in our history occurred under Woodrow Wilson's war on the First Amendment, but the victims--radical farmers, Wobblies, intransigent Midwesterners, and a kooky idealistic movie producer--didn't have press agents to apotheosize them, as did the rich communist screenwriters of the 1950s.
His closest supporters (chamchas) apotheosize him and very soon he himself begins to believe in his divine powers.
The anti-work ethic, the belief that there is no causal connection between effort and prosperity, salvages our self-esteem in the face of our inability to get ahead, explains our neglect by our peers, transfers the blame for the failure of our perseverance to forces beyond our control, forces that, like a side-splitting practical joke, apotheosize grazing ruminants like the Kardashians, making six of the least remarkable nonentities ever born six of the richest and most famous.
Gast's attempt to apotheosize the self-proclaimed Antichrist was not isolated.
Healthcare institutions worldwide striving for optimal healthcare delivery systems at an affordable cost should apotheosize HRF type model of supply chain management practiced at SGPGIMS.
Ashley Faulkner's "Virgin and Child with John: Ruskin's Typical Romance," is less concerned with the social construction of reality and more concerned with John Ruskin's private use of biblical typology to in effect apotheosize both his mother and his wished-for bride, Rose La Touche, who died at age 27 in 1875, and whose spirit Ruskin claims contacted him during a visionary and auditory dream of Saint Ursula when he was in Venice during December 1876.
Greene thereby subverts his protagonist's readiness to apotheosize the Captain.
I do not "apotheosize" the current status quo in higher education.
Attuning the observer to these sensory details, Moore's talisman epitomizes how an undisclosed object (once hidden in the ground) can apotheosize into a fully aestheticized thing, eschewing abstract metaphor in favor of hypnotizing surfaces.