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1. A ghostly figure; a specter.
2. A sudden or unusual sight: "[The designer's] indoor-outdoor reversals and juxtapositions call forth a Magritte apparition beneath a Miami moon" (Herbert Muschamp).
3. The act of appearing; appearance.

[Middle English apparicioun, from Old French apparition, from Late Latin appāritiō, appāritiōn-, an appearance, from Latin appāritus, past participle of appārēre, to appear; see appear.]

ap′pa·ri′tion·al adj.
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of or relating to an apparition or apparitions; ghostly, spectral
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Adj.1.apparitional - resembling or characteristic of a phantom; "a ghostly face at the window"; "a phantasmal presence in the room"; "spectral emanations"; "spiritual tappings at a seance"
supernatural - not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material; "supernatural forces and occurrences and beings"
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The emptiness of the space which he had expected to see occupied, was appalling, and he shrank down, sick and dizzy with the baffling apparitional past that thus vexed his consciousness.
He summoned them before him in apparitional procession: Bernard Higginbotham arm in arm with Mr.
People enough, first and last, had been in terror of apparitions, but who had ever before so turned the tables and become himself, in the apparitional world, an incalculable terror?
Apart from paranormal explanations, one possible normal explanation for psychomanteum apparitional experiences is that they involve hypnagogic-like imagery whose content may be in fluenced by the participants' needs, motivations, and expectations.
This EM effect is further used to illustrate the second mode of interaction of brain influencing environment to account for the role of recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis in producing anomalous movement and possibly "creating" the apparitional experience.
Poltergeist and apparitional haunting phenomena affecting the family and associates of an adolescent girl with well-controlled epilepsy [Abstract].
He also believed that he saw more than one apparitional face appear over the medium's face.
The Apparitional Lesbian: Female Homosexuality and Modern Culture.
For example, in 'Face XVI' (oil on canvas) the wistfulness in the woman's eyes suggests that the backstory of the character has turned her 'present' into an apparitional being whose body is pretty much intact.
And he then went on to argue that this notion of 'object souls' required for its 'full conception' a 'phantom or apparitional spirit', which, however, was easily acquired from the appearance of artefacts and natural objects in visions and dreams (ibid.:62).
Through her chapters she develops an argument that language is apparitional and points more broadly to a way of reading today that she finds is no reading at all, if the value of reading is attention to words, discovered in complex contexts and in the literary aesthetics of particulars.