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Noun1.appeal board - a board of officials that are not judicial but are appointed to hear appealsappeal board - a board of officials that are not judicial but are appointed to hear appeals
board - a committee having supervisory powers; "the board has seven members"
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The Appeal Board under the President of Azerbaijan, guided by the recommendations of the head of state, carried out the necessary measures in 2017 to develop entrepreneurship in the country, protect the rights and legitimate interests of businessmen and, having considered all complaints received, adopted the appropriate decisions, Chairman of the Appeal Board under the President of Azerbaijan Eldar Nuriyev said.
Bruce Rauner issued an executive order declaring it impermissible for state legislators to represent clients before the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, which hears appeals of assessment decisions made in the state's 102 counties.
Summary: Victory 3's Al Adidi and Al Ali protest before UIM Appeal Board
Former Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino has been suspended from all football activity for a period of 12 months and has been fined PS100,000 by an FA Rule K Tribunal sitting as an Appeal Board," the FA said in a statement.
The Appeal Board was established to hear appeals to decisions made by the Ethics Hearing and Discipline Board.
Further, the company appealed to the Appeal Board of the Regional Court.
On May 30, the Department of Health & Human Services departmental appeal board overturned a Medicare national coverage determination issued in 1989 that stated that transsexual surgery for sex reassignment would not be covered by the government because it was "experimental" and had a high rate of serious complications.
For nine years, I served as president of the Appeal board and know that our board and representatives work very hard to accommodate those who need our help,'' Finnigan said.
The Whiston-born rider represented himself at a hearing at Pune racecourse on Saturday and the appeal board reduced the eight-month suspension to the 56 days he was originally hit with earlier this year on the casting vote of the chair man.
I am a Communications Officer with the Veterans Review and Appeal Board.
Stainrod then withdrew his appeal with the consent of the Appeal Board on 27 April 2012, however, the Appeal Board ordered that he provide the requested documents by 4pm on 4 May 2012, otherwise his registration with The FA as a Registered Overseas Agent would be suspended with immediate effect.
Last year the Western Mail revealed that Dr Nayani, who lives near Leicester, had sat on a medical appeal board involving a former Welsh police officer after being dismissed for gross misconduct by Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust and suspended by the General Medical Council.