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Noun1.appeals court - a court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agenciesappeals court - a court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies
court, judicature, tribunal - an assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business
circuit court of appeals - one of the twelve federal United States courts of appeals that cover a group of states known as a `circuit'
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An evangelical Christian group's operation of a homeless shelter for the Boise, Idaho, city government violates church-state separation, a federal appeals court has ruled.
In its arguments before the appeals court, the IRS maintained that section 6511(a) must be interpreted in conjunction with IRC section 7422 and regulations section 301.6511(a)-1.
The case was remanded by the appeals court. A jury verdict awarded the former prisoner $1,500 in compensatory damages but no punitive damages.
A federal appeals court in San Francisco as ruled that Vietnam veterans who contracted prostate cancer and diabetes related to Agent Orange exposure should receive retroactive disability benefits dated to the time they first filed a claim with the VA.
The Appeals Court reasoned that these omissions were an "integral part of the original electronic records ..." and concluded that under these circumstances the electronic versions continued to retain their record status even after they had been printed out.
In January, the appeals court overturned a 1997 ruling that called for the removal of the wolves that had been introduced to Yellowstone and Idaho by the U.S.
The appeals court moved on to discuss the notice requirements of ERISA and Se.
The harassment and economic retaliation have been difficult, but Maddox's belief that Moore had flouted the Constitution was vindicated July 1 when a federal appeals court ruled that the monument violates church-state separation.
The appeals court dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.
Supreme Court refused to review a federal appeals court decision that said officials of Elkhart, Ind., could not keep a similar monument on the lawn of its town hall.
The appeals court affirmed, and the United States Supreme Court denied certiorari.
The appeals court reversed in part and ordered remittitur to reduce a punitive damages award.