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intr.v. ap·peared, ap·pear·ing, ap·pears
a. To become visible: a plane appearing in the sky.
b. To be shown or included: That logo appears on all their sports equipment.
2. To come into existence: New strains of viruses appear periodically.
3. To give the impression of being in a certain way; seem: The child appeared unhappy.
4. To be likely or evident: It appears that they will be late.
5. To come or perform before the public: has appeared in two plays.
6. Law To present oneself formally before a court as defendant, plaintiff, or counsel.
7. To be published or made available to the public: The novel first appeared in installments in a magazine.

[Middle English aperen, from Old French aparoir, aper-, from Latin appārēre : ad-, ad- + pārēre, to show.]
Synonyms: appear, emerge, issue, loom1, materialize, show
These verbs mean to come into view. Appear and show are the most general: A ship appeared on the horizon. Her shirtsleeve shows at the edge of her jacket.
Emerge indicates appearing after having been obscured from view by something: "Baby sea turtles emerged from the sand to scramble to the sea" (Julia Whitty).
Issue emphasizes the point of origin of whatever is appearing: "Here and there smoke issued from chimneys" (Jeffrey Tayler).
To loom is to come into view as a massive, distorted, or indistinct image, and often that which looms is considered threatening in some way: As the hikers near the mountain's summit, storm clouds loom over the horizon.
Materialize means to appear suddenly and sometimes mysteriously, as if out of nowhere: "The field ... had been empty the day before when he walked around the city. The circus has simply materialized" (Erin Morgenstern).
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Noun1.appearing - formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an actionappearing - formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action
attendance, attending - the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.)
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During the repast, the natives eyed us with intense curiosity, observing our minutest motions, and appearing to discover abundant matter for comment in the most trifling occurrence.
The intercourse occurring with Europeans being so restricted, no wonder that the inhabitants of the valley manifested so much curiosity with regard to us, appearing as we did among them under such singular circumstances.
Without appearing to have heard the dialogue, of which she had not lost a word, she began again, giving to her voice all the charm, all the power, all the seduction the demon had bestowed upon it:
Several reasons make me believe in this; but the chief one is the remarkable effect which confinement or cultivation has on the functions of the reproductive system; this system appearing to be far more susceptible than any other part of the organisation, to the action of any change in the conditions of life.
Every one must have heard of cases of albinism, prickly skin, hairy bodies, &c., appearing in several members of the same family.
It is a fact of some little importance to us, that peculiarities appearing in the males of our domestic breeds are often transmitted either exclusively, or in a much greater degree, to males alone.
The clerk appearing with a new pile of papers, appeared also with a message.
"What does your majesty wish?" said D'Artagnan, appearing.
But, as if the spirit of the imperturbable Aramis had covered him with his infallibility, instead of appearing disconcerted, Philippe rose.
He was obliged to watch him closely to prevent his resuming his purpose of flight, to intercept his communication with the Grand Master, lest he should come to an open rupture with his Superior, and to renew, from time to time, the various arguments by which he endeavoured to show, that, in appearing as champion on this occasion, Bois-Guilbert, without either accelerating or ensuring the fate of Rebecca, would follow the only course by which be could save himself from degradation and disgrace.
Islamabad -- Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has excused from appearing before the NAB in LNG Scandal case.
The court then issued a notice to NAB once again on Gilani's petition seeking permanent exemption from appearing for hearings of the reference and announced that it will hear the case against the PPP leader after wrapping up the references against Nawaz.