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He, for instance, has a deputy who aspires take over after him who would want to be an appeaser, a strategic fellow who will in the end not care much about Uhuru's legacy; but to what extent will that that legacy donate to his own success in the succession matrix?
Now, I am very worried because Theresa the Appeaser and her incompetent cabinet appear to have given in to almost every whim demanded from Brussels in return for supposed cessation from this vile union.
Trump will not want to be cast as a 21st century appeaser - especially not when dealing with a regime that it is notorious for its cruelty.
Equally worrying is how quickly some public figures switched from critic to appeaser within days of Trump's victory.
Cameron has tried to morally blackmail MPs into backing him by claiming they're faced with a stark choice of being the bulldog Churchill or the appeaser Chamberlain.
According to Professor Chinn, Chamberlain has been harshly labelled as an appeaser who wasn't strong enough to stand up to the evil German leader.
They believe it will be easy to portray the Labour leader as the real roadblock to action, even an appeaser.
On my better days I'm an appeaser, but more often a challenger.
Schwarz traces the development of Trevelyan's politics from-in the words of David Cannadine-'an Old Whig, a New Liberal, a John Bright radical, a Baldwinite Tory, a Chamberlainite appeaser, a sceptical Churchillite, a guarded admirer of the postwar Labour government, and a fierce critic of Sir Anthony Eden'.
He was no appeaser, but the administration seemed to have believed that he was an opportunist (like most others), a man able to see which side of his bread can be buttered and willing to do it.
In both cases, there was no sustained cry that he was an appeaser or soft on communism.
Increase urine repulse, healer and restorer of the wounds and appeaser to spleen and liver inflammation.