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n. Law
One against whom an appeal is taken.

[French appelé, from Old French apele, from past participle of apeler, to appeal; see appeal.]
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(Law) law a person who is accused or appealed against
[C16: from Old French apele summoned; see appeal]
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(ˌæp əˈli)

the defendant in an appellate proceeding.
[1525–35; < Anglo-French, Old French]
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n (Jur) → Revisionsbeklagte(r) mf, → Revisionsgegner(in) m(f)
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In arguing that it does, appellee relies primarily on sections 20(h) and 20(i) of the policy.
Additionally, the court assessed the appellee's position that there
for Appellee. 4th Cir.<br />Criminal Practice<br />&nbsp;<br />Forensic search of gun smuggler's phone reasonable<br />Although a forensic search of a digital phone is a "non-routine" border search that requires an individualized suspicion of illegal activity, CBP agents had such reasonable suspicion when they seized a suspected weapons smuggler's phone and extracted communications data and comprehensive GPS location tracking.<br />United States v.
Appellee's Brief, supra note 12, at 6 (citing Hearing Transcript, supra note 16, at 142).
It further instructs that any money placed in the escrow by order of the lower court is also ordered released to the appellee or the Church.
The appellee's answer brief and the appellant's reply brief should be responsive to the opposition's arguments, but never reactive.
'In the absence of the likelihood of confusion between the Jolliville and the appellee's (Jollibee) registered trademarks, there is no ground to prohibit the registration of Jolliville in the name of the appellant,' the document said.
Some cost-saving measures are highly effective at mitigating costs during the appeal process, regardless of whether you are the appellant or the appellee.
Mersino, Butzel Long, Lansing, Michigan for Appellee Ajax Paving.
The Appellee was ordered to pay court expenses and Dh1,000 attorneys' fees.
Jeffrey Payton, Judge - a plaintiff/ appellee, Michael Daffin, claimed he was prevented from participating in an informal conference before the Department of Mines on the application for a mining permit requested by T & M Sand and Gravel Inc.