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A plural of appendix.
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The tender documents consist of the following documents: Appendix A: Appendix A: Draft contract with appendices Annex 1: Work clause Appendix 2: The municipality~s CSR requirements Appendix 3: The municipality~s requirements for the invoice and Statistics Appendix B: Requirements specification describing the performance desired (Being Annex 4 to the Contract) Appendix C: Offers Schedule (being Annex 5 of the contract) must be completed and uploaded in Mercell (C1 and C2) Appendix D: Common European tender document ESPD.
Type B: Single caecum with two completely separate appendices and divided into two further subgroups.
The above-referenced editorial explains that technical information for several articles would be placed in online-only appendices, and that links to the appendices would be provided in abstracts.
With over 2100 terms and 20 appendices, this book includes a more complete series of neurological and musculoskeletal special tests, as well as available evidence-based data including likelihood ratios, and inter-rater and intra-rater reliability data to support the use of each test.
Sample size was 500, including appendices during surgery in acute abdomen, postmortem, and among dissected bodies.
Parker further pointed out that Darwin had thought that appendices appeared in only a small handful of animals.
Authors have been careful in including extensive and technical information on all of the appendices, many of them being complete and useful computing architecture reviews.